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About NextGenMedia

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Who we are

We are a next generation gaming agency for the gaming community.
Giving smaller channels opportunities and powerful tools to grow.


We are a Agency that allows channels and bands alike to produce videos under its' name. Applying gives you access to tricks and techniques to create better content and tools we created which will help you grow your channel and audience.


We offer exclusive brand deals, tools, a new collaboration platform social network and a load of more awesome goodies.
All of these are to be availed by all our partners who put their trust in us.


We provide you with multiple different tools to help expand your audience! Get straight analytics and tools from developers to review channel growth and increasing revenue to a community platform to help you collaborate!

What we focus on

These are the topics we are specialized in


Video Content from Creators in the Gaming Scene


From Tutorials, Guides, Reviews and more


Content from Creators all about lifestyle

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